Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Bringsty Common Final Tally 2015

I've been here now for just over a year and have been running a moth trap on good nights throughout the period.  In the Summer I often ran 2 lights and one warm July night I even ran 3, there is just enough area so the lights don't conflict. My species total stands at 572. Micros came to 257 and macros 315. Only 1 county first and this was Coleophora tamesis, unless you want to count Delplanqueia inscriptella, but I suspect most dilutellas will turn out to be this species in the end.

Other news, 2 rarities caught this year in Herefordshire, one was Aplota palpella (palpellus), caught in the Brockhampton Estate which is the first record since 1899 and the other Salebriopsis albicilla, from Haugh Wood, which appears to be the second record, the first record was 2006, and more remarkable as it was caught well away from Small-leaved Lime. Robin and I are already planning trapping nearer to the foodplant for 2016. Peter Hall

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