Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Brilley was brill?

Accompanied by David G and Sarah C, we ran 3 Robinsons on the Bulmers farm near to Brilley last nght. It avoided the storm (unlike where I live) and was dry and warm for the 3 hour session. Slow but steady and it will be a while before the full list becomes available, but my 2 traps have so far produced 107 species with maybe another 10-20 to add sometime in the future. I think between the 3 traps the total will reach around 140 species. In between the expected species there were some nice finds as well. The suspected Eudonia delunella from the last visit was repeated, this time with more than 10 spotted and id will be confirmed, but I can think of nothing else it can be. Prevous records: 1971, 1892 and 1887. So nice to find a good colony. There have been a few recent sightings of Marsh Oblique-barred in Herefordshire in recent years, following on from it first record in 2017 and again last night double figures of this tiny macro-moth. Then just as a footnote, in the garden, which was remarkably busy considering the storm that hit us shortly before dark (98 species), there was a Least Carpet in the trap.  Peter Hall

Brilley Court Farm: Eudonia delunella

Bringsty Common: Least Carpet


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