Thursday, 13 May 2021

Pammene suspectana

Well, what a week. Spurred on by Aaron's finding which is a few miles away from me and a county first and just the 4th West Midlands record, I decided to put out 2 pheromone traps in the garden here (May 12th). The MOL lure went into the small orchard area near to 2 large oaks and the FUN lure right down the garden next to a large Ash tree.  This was late morning and I made regular checks during the day. No luck up until 4.15pm when I decided I'd bring the traps back indoors and to my surprise 3 moths were in the trap using the MOL lure in the orchard. They looked very much like Aaron's images but due to the proximity to the oaks and some distance from the nearest Ash tree, I (and Patrick) thought they were likely to be Pammene albuginana (still not many records for this one either). However one went in for a closer look which I did this morning and it proved to be Pammene suspectana. So that's record number 2 (3 moths) and another has also turned up in the county TBC. Time to get those lures out again. Peter Hall

Pammene suspectana: Bringsty Common


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