Saturday, 10 April 2021

Pammene giganteana

Thought I'd get in on the act with everybody using the Grapholita funebrana (FUN) lure to record Pammene giganteana. I ordered mine from eBay with a host of other lures for supposed pest species and will give those a try next. I put the pheromone lure into one of the plastic bucket type traps and hung it in an apple tree just outside my office at home. It has sat there for 4 days with nothing so I was about to give up seeing as how most have been reporting attracting P.giganteana within about 10 minutes. Fortunately I decided to leave it out overnight as temperatures were due to remain at about 7°c and to my delight there was a single specimen in there this morning. This is a new species for me and is my 21st species for my Evesham garden so not too bad.


  1. Interesting.. I tried the MOL lure in my garden but gave up after an afternoon. Found this species at 3 sites in Herefordshire using that and SKI. Not tried my FUN lure yet

  2. Good to get a result Lee! I believe giganteana can be attracted to several Grapholita/Cydia lures. I tried the Codling Moth lure (POM) a week or two back and although I had no moths in the pheromone trap I did record giganteana in the light trap while the lure was out, so the lure may have attracted the moth which then ended up in the Robinson. The FUN lure was very productive for me last year attracting Pammene suspectana, P. albuginana, Grapholita tenebrosana, Nemapogon koenigi and Nemapogon cloacella, so well worth continuing with it.

  3. Interesting to see the variance in the attraction of these lures, I'll put mine out again once it warms up to see if I have any other species that you have experienced


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