Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Bringsty Common March 17th 2020

A warmer night, so out went the Robinson into the garden. A bit breezy for the first part, however in the end I recorded 14 species and in no particular order: March (2), Brindled Pug (1), Common Quaker (12), Small Quaker (31), Red Chestnut (5), Oak Beauty (2), Twin-spotted Quaker (4), Clouded Drab (2), Chestnut (1), Blossom Underwing (1), Early Grey (1), Hebrew Character (2), White-marked (1) and Emmelina monodactyla (1). Earlier in the week there was what is now the usual Mompha sturnipennella in my bathroom. About half the county records are from my house and garden. It induced a visit from Steve W, who then passed it on to Patrick C who took his usual wonderful photo of the adult, which you can view here: . Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Blossom Underwing

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