Thursday, 28 March 2019

North East Worcester Late March

A few highlights from the Warndon garden in last few days have been an obvious best ever show of Twin-spotted Quakers.
Twin-spotted Quaker

An even better Dotted Chestnut was only the 6th here ever.

Dotted Chestnut
Always amazed to see how well Herald's look after 6 months of hibernation.
A quick visit to nearby Trench Wood NR on Tuesday afternoon in bright sunshine and along the main track from the car park to the central clearing.
Trench Wood NR
With the intention of seeing Orange Underwings! Six moths immediately  alighting on the bare ground were actually Light Orange Underwings - a species which it seems, prefers lower levels on warm days. Not that surprising as the mature Aspens were in full flower.  I used to look for this moth in early April but it seems it is out early this year and despite scanning the tops of several mature birches, no sign of its cousin that afternoon - so perhaps that was out in February this year and gone over already. 
Light Orange Underwing

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