Thursday, 11 October 2018

Bringsty Common update

I've had 2 Riband Wave come to the garden trap this week.  Mike's record as well. Seems a bit unusual.  Last night I had what looks like a Common Footman also come to light, but I'll double check that one. The November group are just emerging, with 1 last night, and I'll look at its octavals a bit later today (update: a November moth) and a 3 hour trapping session last night at Wigmore Rolls was far more productive for this group, with well over 50 coming to the 2 lights...but not a lot else. 20 species of macro last night here at Bringsty and 9 micro species which is probably as good as you could hope for at this time of year. Nicest moth (well before a hornet munched it) was a Figure of 8. Compare that to Wigmore with just 10 species of macro and 1 micro.  Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Riband Wave

Wigmore Rolls: Figure of 8

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  1. Also had 2 Riband Waves this week-I normally get odd ones in October most years. Less usual were Swallow Tail (but I see they have occasional second broods in early October), Mottled Rustic and Beautiful Hook Tip. Thursday night produced 62 macros, highlights being BS Pinion, YL Quaker, Frosted Orange and first Rosy Rustics for several weeks. Haven't trapped Figure of Eight since 2009!


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