Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Wigmore Rolls Monday September 17th

With garden catches running at around 40 to 45 species per night at the moment, and Monday forecast to be mild,  I met up with Rob Hemming and trapped at Wigmore Rolls, a nice Forestry Commission site just up from Leominster.  Hornet management kept me busy, but unfortunately the moths did not and it was very slow going for the 3 hours the traps were run.  However, lots of singeltons pushed the tally for my 2 Robinsons up to around 35 species. A very tatty Cydia splendana  along with a Dingy Footman and a Marbled White-spot. 3 fresh Dusky Thorn. Also arrived was a Small Wainscot and a  Brick. Plenty of Red-green Carpet and Common Marbled Carpet. Pandemis cinnamomeana topped the micros.  The biggest surprise was a Satin Lutestring, which is yet another species that may be starting to second brood? Most records for this moth are late May to mid-July.  Peter Hall
Wigmore Rolls: Satin Lutestring

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