Sunday, 5 August 2018

Bringsty Common

I think it's been of no surprise to people to see the "late Summer lull" kick in early this year. Numbers have been dropping rapidly out and about and also in the garden.  Last night I was down to 2 individual Footman moths.  Poplar Hawk must be in their second generation by now, but they've been arriving at the garden trap almost inunterupted since late Spring.  5 last night. Elephant Hawk seem to have finally stopped arriving about a week ago.  I had a couple of Six-striped Rustic 10 days ago but none since.  Last night the first Rosy Rustic arrived.  I also had my first Nomophila noctuella of the year, so maybe migrants might start arriving in more numbers.  Trapping 2 nights ago in the Chilterns also saw a Dark Sword-grass.  I've not had the interesing influx that Ian M talks about here, but species like Large Yellow Underwing have suffered badly from the drought.  Only now have Flame Shoulder started appearing. Hardly seen Small Square-spot all year.  I'm still getting the odd Angle-striped Sallow coming to the garden, so that's done really well as have Gold Spot and I think that is reflected elsewhere too with this last species.  A single trap last night in the garden produced 43 macro species and 14 micro species with Dotted Clay, Olive and previously mentioned species of most note.  Numbers of Acentria ephemerella flapping helplessly around the ttrap late evening have been impressive with 88 counted 2 nights ago. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Rush Veneer

Bringsty Common: Angle-striped Sallow

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