Thursday, 19 October 2017

Southern Softies

Some effort checking the Ivy by  Nunnery Wood CP from late September was rewarded with a Pearly Underwing on the 26th September.
Pearly Underwing
 A Rusty Dot Pearl was found on the nearby outdoor café wall lights on the 8th October. A Cypress Carpet was in the garden Robinson after Friday 13th October (not for me unlucky).
Cypress Carpet
 and a Delicate was the pick of the migrants at Mike's NMN effort on 14th October. 


  1. Presumably foodplant nearby for the Cypress Carpet Steve?

  2. Plenty of leylandii cypress which is where I let it go! Who knows may be a small colony already

  3. Shame it was the first things I cut down when I moved here.


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