Monday, 20 February 2017

Hawkbatch Sunday 19th

A forecast of double figure temperatures, cloud and little wind was enough to coax Patrick and myself into a section of the Wyre Forest with little recent trapping history. We aimed for mature conifers of various species hoping the thick shelter they provide may be home to some interesting hibernating moths. Our optimistic hopes were not fully realised but a total of at least 16 species was recorded from six MV traps, many for the first time this year. Searching the oak and beech trunks produced a large cluster of Vapourer Moth eggs, 3 cases of Psyche caste and 7 of those of Taleporia tubulosa. Good numbers of Spring Ushers included some beautiful variations.

Others included Oak Beauty, several March Moths, an Engrailed, Small Brindled Beauty and one obvious melanic Pale Brindled Beauty out of many nicely patterned ones. Small numbers of Chestnuts included a probable Dark Chestnut as well as 2 Dotted Borders, many Satellites, early Common Quaker and Double-striped Pug with Tortricodes alternella and Agonopterix heracliana the only micro interest. Thanks to Mary and Ian for giving a hand with the equipment and trap rounds.
Spring Usher

Oak Beauty

melanic Pale Brindled Beauty

The Engrailed

possible Dark Chestnut?
Images by Patrick Clement and Steve Whitehouse

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