Saturday, 10 December 2016

Trench Actinic on 9th

With the garden being rather poor in recent nights it was off to Trench Wood NR on Friday with the 15watt battery actinic skinner stashed for 6 hours in a quiet corner. 12.5 degrees, overcast with drizzle at end. 5+ Scarce Umber, 16 Mottled Umber, 4 December Moths, 9 Feathered Thorn, 
19+ Winter Moths and what looks like a Northern Winter Moth made for a great last field session of the year.

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  1. Yes, I think my moth kit will go into storage now. January/February visits to anywhere will be using a flashlight only I think. I did a quick session at Haugh last night (2 hours was enough for me) and also have a possible Northern Winter to check over tomorrow, along with the one I caught here 2 nights earlier. I hope they are, I want to create a comparison image for the Mothdissection Website


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