Sunday, 9 October 2016

Bringsty Mothing

I only run moth trap(s) on reasonable nights (when I remember to set things up!), so last night looked the best night for a few days, although it did go down to 5.2 just pre-dawn, but stayed in double figures up until midnight. Not a lot of moths - 42 moths but I did record 20 macros and 3 micros. Happy with that. My first Merveille du Jour of the year (4), Red-line Quaker (1), Yellow-line Quaker (1), Grey Shoulder-knot (1), Brindled Green (1), Satellite (1), Green-brindled Crescent (2) - Barred Sallow (4) and Sallow (2). A very late second brood Light Emerald. Topping the numbers was Lunar Underwing with just 5, and only 1 Large Yellow Underwing! Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Light Emerald

Bringsty Common: Green-brindled Crescent f. capucina

Bringsty Common: Satellite

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