Monday, 25 January 2016


I dusted down the moth trap last night and removed the resident spiders as the forecast was for very mild conditions. I was hoping for a Spring Usher as it hasn't made it onto the garden list so far, but all I caught was Pale Brindled Beauty (1), Tortricodes alternella (1) and an Acleris species (1) to be determined later. Better than my last effort of a few weeks back which caught nothing. Peter Hall


  1. I went to put mine out too, Peter, but there was a brisk wind blowing and it doesn't take much to convince me it's not worthwhile.

  2. I was also close to abandoning the idea Patrick. It was quite breezy, but I put the trap right under one of the big oaks on the garden border. I see in Ceredigion Tony and Ina caught over 50 moths. Location, location...

  3. Nothing at all in mine 3 nights ago - I put it down to nearly full moon & clear sky despite mild temp.


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