Thursday, 24 September 2015

Little and Large

Rob Hemming and myself went off to Haugh Wood last night as the weather looked mild and promising. Periods of light to heavy drizzle. But it was really quiet and very few Autumnal species putting in an appearance. We did get Oak Lutestring, Bordered Beauty, Sallow, Barred Sallow and Brown-spot Pinion, but in the end, running 4 mv traps for 3 hours, the total was just over 20 species. I spent the last hour staring at my 2 traps waiting in vain for a moth to arrive. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my single mv trap was busy, and I recorded 38 species including Pearly Underwing, Flounced Chestnut, Blair's Shoulder-knot, Brindled Green along with Frosted Orange. The contrast between the 2 sites was huge. Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Barred Sallow

Bringsty Common: Pink-barred Sallow

Bringsty Common: Blair's Shoulder-knot

Bringsty Common: Frosted Orange

Bringsty Common: Pearly Underwing

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