Thursday, 17 November 2016

Peppered in November!

A Peppered Moth came to light in Llanveynoe on the edge of the Black Mountains on Tuesday night. Has anyone ever seen one this late?  Latest record on the Herefordshire database is September 20th and that was in 1984.
Phyl King
November Peppered

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bringsty Common

Whilst howling under the super-moon last night - it looked a normal size to my eyes - I ran one trap at the bottom of the garden by the dingle. The November aggregates were coming in at a steady stream (many had left by first light again, or in the busy Robins belly) and the trap was quite busy for the time of year. 8 species with Novemnals around the 50 mark, Feathered Thorn at 12 and December 9, including a well sized female. My first garden Dark Chestnut and my first Brick of the season in the catch.

3 days before on the 11th, I also had Sprawler, Chestnut and Grey Shoulder-knot among the catch. What was probably my last red ichneumon of the season too last night, which was duly potted up ready to send the years collection of them off to the Natural History Museum for identification. If anyone else is interested in potting up the "Ophions" in alcohol, let me know and I'll give you the experts contact details, he would welcome some from Worcester in particular.

Peter Hall

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bodenham Migrants October 29th

Alongside Silver Y, Nomophila noctuella and Udea ferrugalis, the trap recorded the 8th Herefordshire record for Palpita vitrealis, the last being from Bringsty Common in 2015. Robin Hemming

Bodenham: Palpita vitrealis

Warndon late October

A slightly odd looking (broken cross-bar) male Gem at Warndon on night of 28th October, was a site first as well my first self-trapped one. Diamond-back Moths last 2 nights. Nice to see a few late autumn moths including Brick, Sprawler, Spruce Carpet, Oak Nycteoline and three Figure of 8' s - holding up

 nicely here. Lots of Juniper Carpets and Rhomboid Tortrix; also late Clepsis consimilana and Ypsolopha sequella

Friday, 28 October 2016

Late October night in Colwall

A surprisingly good night on 25th. The highest number were Merveille du Jour at 5 - they've been turning up regularly this year but I've never had that many before. Also 2 Heart and Dart as well as the usual October selection. Only micro was Light Brown Apple. Total 15 species. Setting the light again tonight as it's forecast to be very mild. Phyl King
Merveille du Jour pair 25th October

Bringsty Common October 27th

Despite the strong wind, I put out the trap last night as it stayed relatively mild. The trap was filled with caddis and Ophions also. 12 species plus what a friend calls "Novemnals" to id. My first December of the season (2). Both Spruce and Grey Pine Carpet despite the lack of any foodplant nearby plus the usual suspects too. Most frequent was Yellow-line Quaker at an impressive 5! There was a micro as well, Carcina quercana, and this matched the latest date for Herefordshire, with the first on October 27th 2006. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Carcina quercana

Bringsty Common: December moth

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Recent garden moths

Had very little quantity recently, but made up for it in quality with Mallow, Flounced Chestnut and Autumnal Moth. Hoping for more this week with milder conditions forecast. Macro year list well down this year-only 279 species-but 8 new ones for the garden!