Monday, 21 May 2018

Fond of bananas?

During my daily dog walking sessions over at Burlish Top, I was lucky to net the gorse-loving micro Grapholita internana (hence title of post!). This is the first I have seen in the county although it must be present at other sites like Devil's Spittleful and Hartlebury Common. The only other one I have seen was one caught at Kinver Edge by Darren Taylor several years ago.
Also at Burlish Top yesterday evening there were 3 or 4 male Emperor Moths whizzing around adjacent to the new pipeline development.
Another micro-Spuleria flavicaput-was netted from Hawthorn in Hop Pole Lane, Wyre Forest yesterday morning. This is the first I have recorded in this vicinity.
Here's hoping for more goodies in the net over the next few warm days!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Bringsty Common

Ran 2 mv traps in the garden last night (15th), although it was quite breezy at least for the early part of the night.  50 species, of which 43 were macros.  The Common is covered in large tracts of bracken, so it is no surprise to find Bown Silver-line the most plentiful with 20 individuals.  I recorded (2) Seraphim also, a species I don't often see here, despite a large Lombardy Poplar close by and a rapidly growing Aspen planted in the garden too.  Other species of interest were Grey Birch (1),  Alder Kitten (2), Buff-tip (1), Silver Cloud (1) and the first Scoparia ambigualis of the season.  Hawk-moths are on the increase with (6) Poplar-hawk and (1) Lime-hawk in the traps. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Alder Kitten

Bringsty Common: Seraphim

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Slow but picking up in Dodford

The last few weeks have been a bit slow but with the current spell of warm weather number of species is increasing but the clear nights mean it cools down fairly quickly I am mainly getting singles of most species.

This morning I was delighted to find my second ever Puss Moth just over 3 years since the last one and also my first female Muslin although the male Muslins are one of my commonest species at the moment.

Not too many micros around yet but yesterday I had a new for the garden Elachista rufocinerea.

Puss Moth


Elachista rufocinerea

Pete Smith

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Trench Wood Monday

Last Monday night was certainly worth a field trap, so 2 MV Skinners were put at the northwest end of Trench. The track is just drying out but wellies were still needed.

Trench Wood NR
There were probably more flies than moths to start with but things did improve. The highlight was a Pinion-spotted Pug which appears to be the most northerly record in VC37 and a site first. An Ochreous Pug was only the second there and a Pine Beauty was more evidence that conifer feeders often move on warm nights.

Pinion-spotted Pug
Ochreous Pug
Pine Beauty

A total of 46 species included early Small White Wave, Figure of 80 and Dingy Shell, late Grey Shoulder-knot and the micros Pammene argyrana, Pammene giganteana, probable Caloptilia alchimiella, Elachista humilis and potential Stigmellas lapponica and or confusella TBC.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Small Yellow Underwing

One that I took in 2010 on Lady's Smock, on the farm at Norchard ,Worcs.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Small Yellow Underwing

Saw one today on Forget-me-not in the garden here on Bringsty Common.  Peter Hall

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Lunar Marbled Brown

A Lunar Marbled Brown in the garden moth trap laid eggs while confined. I'll keep them until the larvae can be released on the food plant.
 Patrick Clement